Overview of host organisation and local organising committee

The host organisation is The Sports and Human Dynamics Division (SHD) in The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME). JSME was founded in 1897. Today its membership exceed 37,000, making it the nation’s leading engineering society. SHD was established in JSME as the Professional Committee in 2011, and became a Division in 2015. The predecessor organisation of SHD was JSEA (Japan Sports Engineering Association), which was founded in 1991. It was actually before the foundation of ISEA in 1998. Since SHD itself is a relatively new organisation, there have been no international conference held by SHD itself to date. However, SHD (and JSEA) has been hosting domestic conferences once every year since 1990. In addition, the ISEA 2002 and APCST 2005 conferences were held in Japan by the organising committees including many JSEA members (ISEA 2002 was chaired by Prof. Sadayuki Ujihashi). The planed organising committee members for ISEA 2020 are as follows.

Motomu Nakashima (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Chair)
Takeo Maruyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Vice-Chair)
Yusuke Miyazaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Secretary)
Yukio Takeda (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Venue arrangement)
Masafumi Okada (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Venue arrangement)
Kazuya Seo (Yamagata University, ISEA Fellow, Scientific Committee)
Takeshi Asai (University of Tsukuba, SHD Chair, Scientific Committee)
Sekiya Koike (University of Tsukuba, SHD Secretary, Scientific Committee)
Yuji Ohgi (Keio University, Scientific Committee)
Shigemichi Ohshima (Meijo University, Scientific Committee)
Akira Shionoya (Nagaoka University of Technology, SHD Vice-Chair, Technical Events)
Kiyoshi Hirose (Tec-Gihan, Technical Events)
Sadayuki Ujihashi (Nippon Bunri University, ISEA Fellow, Former President of JSEA and SHD, Chair of ISEA 2002, Advisory Board)