Host organisation and organising committee

This ISEA conference is hosted by the organising committee, and jointly organised by The Sports and Human Dynamics Division (SHD) in The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME). The organising committee members are as follows.

Motomu Nakashima (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Chair)
Takeo Maruyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Vice-Chair)
Yusuke Miyazaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Secretary)
Yukio Takeda (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Venue arrangement)
Kazuya Seo (Yamagata University, ISEA Fellow, Scientific Committee)
Takeshi Asai (University of Tsukuba, SHD Chair, Scientific Committee)
Sekiya Koike (University of Tsukuba, SHD Secretary, Scientific Committee)
Yuji Ohgi (Keio University, Scientific Committee)
Shigemichi Ohshima (Meijo University, Scientific Committee)
Akira Shionoya (Nagaoka University of Technology, SHD Vice-Chair, Technical Events)
Kiyoshi Hirose (Tec-Gihan, Technical Events)
Sadayuki Ujihashi (Nippon Bunri University, ISEA Fellow, Former President of JSEA and SHD, Chair of ISEA 2002, Advisory Board)