Conference Program (registrant-only, PDF file, 2020/06/29)
Conference Program (open version, PDF file, 2020/06/26)

  • The above “registrant-only program” can be opened by entering a password. The password has been sent to the registrants via email whose subject is “[ISEA 2020] Important information for the conference.” It consists of 16 characters.
  • In the registrant-only program, you can enter the session room just by clicking the room name (“Webinar” or “Room 1,2,3,4,5 and 6”). The URLs for the Zoom rooms are embedded as links.
  • By clicking each session name (“Running: Motion Analysis”, for example) in the program, you can jump to the same category in the proceedings. (It does not look like a link but actually is a link).
  • By clicking each presentation title, you can directly jump to the paper page in the proceedings of that presentation. (It does not look like a link but actually is a link).
  • For the completed keynote lectures, the registrants can watch the lecture anytime by clicking the “Recorded” link in the registrant-only program. You can watch it anytime for 14 days after the lecture.

The conference is held online.

  • The conference starts on 22 June as scheduled. The time slot of 20:00~23:00 UTC (three hours) is used every day.

    Please be careful about the difference between UTC and your local time.
    For example, the conference starts at 20:00 on Monday, 22 June UTC. This time corresponds to:
    - 21:00 on Monday 22 June in London
    - 22:00 on Monday 22 June in Berlin
    - 16:00 on Monday 22 June in New York
    - 13:00 on Monday 22 June in Los Angeles
    - 6:00 on Tuesday 23 June in Brisbane
    - 5:00 on Tuesday 23 June in Tokyo

  • Five parallel sessions as well as a lounge in six virtual rooms are going to be held.
  • "Zoom" is used for the online conference.
  • There is no poster session. All presentations are done orally.
  • The general sessions are not recorded. Only the keynote lectures are recorded and the links to watch later are provided to the registrants.
  • When you attend the conference, you do not have to show your face in the screen necessarily during the conference. The conference is done basically audio only with a PC screen of a presenter. So there is no dress code (You may wear even your sleepwear).


In these manuals, the instructions "after" you enter the Zoom rooms are described. How to enter the Zoom rooms is described at the top of this page ("Program" section).

Virtual backgrounds for Zoom

The participants may download and use them freely. It is not mandatory to use these backgrounds.

Free connection test for presenters

Free connection test for presenters is available as below. Presenters can test entering Zoom room and sharing screen for presentation anytime during the two hours. Administrators will be there to help. It is not mandatory for a presenter to participate.

  • Date and Time: 21:00 ~ 23:00 (two hours) on 19th (Fri) UTC (Please be careful about the difference between UTC and your local time)
  • Location: Room 1 (Zoom URL is available in the “registrant-only program.” The URL is the same during the conference. So please click “Room 1” on any day to enter.)