The conference is held online. Details are as follows:

  • The conference starts on 22 June as scheduled. The time slot of 21:00~23:00 UTC (two hours) is used every day.
  • Three parallel sessions in three virtual rooms are conducted.
  • Since the time slot in one day is shorter than that for the onsite one, the conference might last longer than the onsite one. The ending day of the conference depends on how many authors present. It has not been determined yet.
  • "Zoom" is used for the online conference.
  • There is no poster session. All presentations are done orally.
  • When you attend the conference, you do not have to show your face in the screen necessarily during the conference. The conference is done basically audio only with a PC screen of a presenter. So there is no dress code (You may wear even your sleepwear).

Program for online style is under construction.